Magdalene’s Easter Message

March 26th, 2016

The story of a simple man who lived his life to bring about justice and equality for all….who was persecuted, called the devil and hung on a cross to die. His rising again is symbolic in all of our lives.

How many of us have been betrayed by those we held the closest?
How many of us have fought with everything we have for what is just?
How many of us have been ridiculed and accused of being crazy because our path was not the most traveled?

This day is in remembrance not just of Him….but how so many of us have carried a cross from the day we were born, being abused from childhood on, being different, not fitting in, being homeless and alone.
I have to believe we all will rise again one day to a world where LOVE reigns.

Blessings on this Holy Day whatever your religion is I am sure you can identify with His story.


What the Intuitive or Physic Feels and Experiences Trying to Help our Clients

August 10th, 2015

We all realize that money is involved in our world and that we need to survive and provide for ourselves. However in this kind of work it should never be about the money for either the Intuitive (Psychic) or the Client. Many of us struggle day to day with finances, losing jobs, and health issues that leave us with heavy burdens. I have myself been homeless after losing my Health Food Store, so I know for sure what it means to experience immense challenges. Many moments I felt abandoned and afraid, but I always felt something or someone was there looking out for me. When we keep that appreciation, things always find a way of moving us to the next level of our growth. Someone comes along and that is where we as Readers come in. How could we help if we had never experienced the same situations as our clients have experienced?

Unfortunately, any kind of reading, which is indeed “healing” cannot be rushed. Those that rush this process do their clients a dis-service. As in any job being done too quickly is usually not of quality. I still understand that it takes money to get this kind of help. What many don’t realize is that we are counselors, priests and wear many hats to be able to assist you. Would you expect your physician to rush your surgery or your hairdresser to hurry through your hair cut? Most empaths feel everything very strongly, so we pick up on your emotions as well as the world’s fears and doubts. Not everyone enjoys having these gifts, but there are those of us that have worked diligently on this ability to help the world ascend to a higher vibration.

Your part in this process is crucial to how it all turns out. If you come to the Reader with cynicism and doubt more than likely you will manifest your own expectations. However, if you are open to this beautiful channel with the belief in divinity and extraordinary aspects of life and our journey here, then you will manifest with your Reader a path in which we can help.

There are many books and testimonies of the help people have received from a healer or Intuitive. We all are born with intuitive abilities, but some have a much stronger awareness of how to use them. There are different levels of talents and skills in every profession. This is our profession, so to choose a reading when you don’t have the money is not fair to us or you. Why not save up?

I had a beautiful lady and her son that had heard about me and really wanted a reading. She had seen me teach and felt strongly that I could help her. She had said to me “Mags, I so want a reading, but we are barely making ends meet”. My suggestion was that if and when it’s meant to be, the money will come and just to save what little bit she could. Bless her Dear heart, she saved for one solid year and we did her reading. I was so honored by this I had tears. We connected with her Mother very clearly that had passed on and lots of miracles occurred. So here is a perfect example of intention and an open mind and heart. She is the reason the reading was so powerful. WE are just the vessel to channel what you need. NOT what you want!! Needs and wants are entirely different experiences. Which brings me to another topic.

Expecting to hear us tell you in a reading that you are to be with someone that is not meant for you or has not honored you, is very unrealistic expectation. You are not paying us to give you false hope. You are paying for truth and help, I would hope. How would telling you this bring about your health and happiness? You would keep hoping this person would change and keep allowing yourself to be treated with disrespect. While all along there was someone in the future that would bring all the happiness you never had with the person you are not letting go of.

We feel deeply when you are hurting….it helps us to guide others when you are helped. The accuracy of what we can give to you depends on you as well. If you pay and then don’t take the advice than who is to blame for things turning out differently??

I truly wish that you understood how deeply an empath cares and how when you pay for this help, you need to listen with mind, body and spirit. Our goal is for you to feel more empowered than you were before you did the reading. So save up and be prepared for truth….it shall always set you free.

The Truth about Relationships, Why they Work…Why they Don’t.

June 15th, 2015

Everywhere I look someone has a partner, why not me??

First of all, everyone does not have a partner and the couples that you do see are mostly marriages/ relationships of convenience that are neither healthy of happy. Statistics don’t lie…”one of two marriages end in divorce.” Why is this?? Why do all the songs on the radio and the love stories make us buy into the fact we NEED to have someone?? The answers are much more complex than society would ever like you to know. Let me fill you in.

After studying the psychological makeup of humans for many years, working in counseling as well as doing thousands of healings/readings and being married myself, I consider myself quite knowledgeable about this topic. Yes many bruises on my heart getting it right, but as I learn then I can teach others. Every Soul does seek to connect with its “other half”. Each of us has another part that is the perfect balance of either male or female, yin or yang to ourselves. When we incarnate into this earth plane we are separated from the other half of our soul. We spend lifetimes longing and yearning for him or her.

What many of us are not experienced enough to learn is that we only get the gift of uniting with our Twin Flame or Other Half when we have done our own soul work. The gift of Twin Flame relationships not only benefits the couple, but all of humanity is Blessed by their Union. This is why we must make sure to find our passion, our calling which is the reason we incarnated. We ALL have one. It is spiritual because this purpose helps the world become a better place. This is the key to attracting your other half.

The sad part is most of us are told to get an education, find a career and make money, but rarely are we told to find our Bliss. Our bliss is the part that gets excited about a certain topic or area of study and we buy books take classes and end up doing jobs related to that field. It’s not about the money, however if we do what we love the money will always follow. This is because when we are following our bliss the Universe starts to open doors because this not only helps us but will indeed create a happier and healthier world.

Many people waste entire lifetimes in the pursuit of money and are quite lost. I ask them if they are doing what they love. More times than not the answer is “no”. Those same people are desperately looking for a partner or wanting to get back with the “ex”. Why do so many want to repeat a bad pattern? This is because inside of themselves they are not fulfilled and hoping that another will bring that part to them. This is just the opposite of what happens. Two unhappy or unfulfilled people make up one whole partnership of unhappiness.

Intimate relationships will never work with another until we are fine being alone. Until we truly enjoy our own company. When we find and pursue what our purpose is our bodies literally start vibrating an energy that our Twin can feel. Even if he or she is on the other side of the planet, this energy will draw them towards us, but ONLY if they are also loving themselves, following their purpose and giving back to the world.

First love MUST be love of oneself! Learning your strengths and weaknesses takes a lifetime of soul work. Eating healthy foods, staying away from addictive tendencies, doing work that helps others even if it’s volunteering. We must make the sacrifices of not being a part of a materialistic society, instead creating or being a part of systems and environments that truly help the world to heal.

The couples that really work, the relationships we all admire and wish we had and want to be like are the ones that truly dedicated their lives to understanding who they were BEFORE the entered into a relationship. If you are lacking….you will indeed attract another person who is lacking. If you are productive, confident and happy with yourself you will attract the same. The Universe will indeed test us to make sure we are confident by sending us the wrong ones a few times to see if we can walk away and not settle. The little signs are always there however so many of us were too needy to listen. Soul Mates is the term everyone used for years to describe Twin Flames.

These are the relationships we had in other lifetimes that had drama and we meet them again in this lifetime. It feels wonderful at first you feel like you have known them forever at first meeting. Then as time move on and all hell breaks loose and we are wondering what the heck happened. Twin Flames are a spiritual Union. Yes the passion will be there but you will feel you have your best friend. A Twin is the other half of YOU!

Make no mistake, very few will ever connect or unite with their Twin in this lifetime because they have not done their own work first. They are not willing to put in the time and dedication to truly know themselves. No one else is going to heal that part of you. So if you are feeling “why didn’t this last with someone?” Why didn’t they stay or love me? The first clue for you is….how much do I love myself? What am I doing to stay busy and productive in my life that benefits the world in some way?

Twin Flame couples are very rare because so many people want the party life…or the materialistic life. Your Twin, like you, must be honoring themselves first and then honoring the highest and best good for humanity with what they do as a career or hobby. When you both live this way, your union will be so powerful.

Remember if you are feeling lost, you will attract other lost souls. If you are feeling empowered you will attract your Twin. The way to love yourself is to do what you love. What you love doing will build your confidence and the reward will be far greater than wealth or money.


May 29th, 2015

Many of us experience Deja vu don’t we? The strong feeling we have experienced some place or person before.  Some of us drawn to a certain era and the clothes they wore.

One of the most powerful teachings, which was specifically left out of the Bible is reincarnation.  Yet many of the major religions do indeed believe in past lives.  During my studies and research through many teachings, I discovered a wonderful prophet and healer, Edgar Cayce who had authored a small book that was passed on to me years ago which speaks about “Theodora” the wife of King Constantine and how the teachings of reincarnation were removed at the Council of Nicea by her.  In the Bible it is written about being “born again” but those in control of the scriptures at that time have carefully put their spin on what that meant. After all, how could religion control humanity if there really wasn’t a burning and torturous hell?

Edgar Cayce and Michel Nostradamus are two of my heroes and we share the same Life Path number which is 8.  These famous people were healers and prophets in their day.  When we are following our “calling” we will be shown who our soul was before this lifetime and what our Divine purpose is.  Only those that are walking a path of spirituality and giving back will receive this gift.  People say to me…”why is everyone’s past life a famous person”?  We see the powerful lifetime of that soul because at the point in their life now, they need to feel their own power to move forward towards their true soul destiny.  We all have had dark lifetimes as well, but those will be revealed only when we have a block that keeps us from moving forward in a career, health or love.

One man I worked on had feet that burned all the time…no doctor could help him figure out what was wrong.  In his session with me I saw him as a Native American man with a family.  He went back to his village to find it had been burnt to the ground and all his family killed.  He kept trying to stamp out the fires with his barefeet.  His soul died in that lifetime broken and shattered and the pain of that came back into this lifetime manifested as the burning in his feet.  Once I revealed this to him in a healing session…his feet stopped hurting. When we clear the past those fears are brought out of the darkness of that trauma and in to the Light.

We do indeed live other lives and we do have blocks from this life and others.  In society we treat the body and the mind….and forget about the Spirit.  Yet it is our Spirit that will go on after the body dies…so we best make sure it’s as healthy as it can be.  If not, we need to find a healer that will help us.  I am honored to be that for so many.

Easter’s Truth

April 9th, 2012

2,000 plus some years ago, the beautiful man who stood for LOVE was tortured by the powers that be. We did not seem to learn much from his sacrifice, for love is still tortured by the ones in control. May we remember this week is not abou…t a bunny rabbit…but about the Healer, Teacher and gifted Master, Yeshua! May HE rise again and take back the world from the fear, greed and bondage we are living in. I pray that our innocence can return soon to Dear Mother Earth and joy will enter our lives. It’s been a very long …dark night of the soul for humanity.

Blessings and Welcome to our Sacred Space

February 2nd, 2011

My favorite Inspiration written by Marrianne Williamson.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

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