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What the Intuitive or Physic Feels and Experiences Trying to Help our Clients

Monday, August 10th, 2015

We all realize that money is involved in our world and that we need to survive and provide for ourselves. However in this kind of work it should never be about the money for either the Intuitive (Psychic) or the Client. Many of us struggle day to day with finances, losing jobs, and health issues that leave us with heavy burdens. I have myself been homeless after losing my Health Food Store, so I know for sure what it means to experience immense challenges. Many moments I felt abandoned and afraid, but I always felt something or someone was there looking out for me. When we keep that appreciation, things always find a way of moving us to the next level of our growth. Someone comes along and that is where we as Readers come in. How could we help if we had never experienced the same situations as our clients have experienced?

Unfortunately, any kind of reading, which is indeed “healing” cannot be rushed. Those that rush this process do their clients a dis-service. As in any job being done too quickly is usually not of quality. I still understand that it takes money to get this kind of help. What many don’t realize is that we are counselors, priests and wear many hats to be able to assist you. Would you expect your physician to rush your surgery or your hairdresser to hurry through your hair cut? Most empaths feel everything very strongly, so we pick up on your emotions as well as the world’s fears and doubts. Not everyone enjoys having these gifts, but there are those of us that have worked diligently on this ability to help the world ascend to a higher vibration.

Your part in this process is crucial to how it all turns out. If you come to the Reader with cynicism and doubt more than likely you will manifest your own expectations. However, if you are open to this beautiful channel with the belief in divinity and extraordinary aspects of life and our journey here, then you will manifest with your Reader a path in which we can help.

There are many books and testimonies of the help people have received from a healer or Intuitive. We all are born with intuitive abilities, but some have a much stronger awareness of how to use them. There are different levels of talents and skills in every profession. This is our profession, so to choose a reading when you don’t have the money is not fair to us or you. Why not save up?

I had a beautiful lady and her son that had heard about me and really wanted a reading. She had seen me teach and felt strongly that I could help her. She had said to me “Mags, I so want a reading, but we are barely making ends meet”. My suggestion was that if and when it’s meant to be, the money will come and just to save what little bit she could. Bless her Dear heart, she saved for one solid year and we did her reading. I was so honored by this I had tears. We connected with her Mother very clearly that had passed on and lots of miracles occurred. So here is a perfect example of intention and an open mind and heart. She is the reason the reading was so powerful. WE are just the vessel to channel what you need. NOT what you want!! Needs and wants are entirely different experiences. Which brings me to another topic.

Expecting to hear us tell you in a reading that you are to be with someone that is not meant for you or has not honored you, is very unrealistic expectation. You are not paying us to give you false hope. You are paying for truth and help, I would hope. How would telling you this bring about your health and happiness? You would keep hoping this person would change and keep allowing yourself to be treated with disrespect. While all along there was someone in the future that would bring all the happiness you never had with the person you are not letting go of.

We feel deeply when you are hurting….it helps us to guide others when you are helped. The accuracy of what we can give to you depends on you as well. If you pay and then don’t take the advice than who is to blame for things turning out differently??

I truly wish that you understood how deeply an empath cares and how when you pay for this help, you need to listen with mind, body and spirit. Our goal is for you to feel more empowered than you were before you did the reading. So save up and be prepared for truth….it shall always set you free.

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