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Magdalene’s Easter Message

Saturday, March 26th, 2016

The story of a simple man who lived his life to bring about justice and equality for all….who was persecuted, called the devil and hung on a cross to die. His rising again is symbolic in all of our lives.

How many of us have been betrayed by those we held the closest?
How many of us have fought with everything we have for what is just?
How many of us have been ridiculed and accused of being crazy because our path was not the most traveled?

This day is in remembrance not just of Him….but how so many of us have carried a cross from the day we were born, being abused from childhood on, being different, not fitting in, being homeless and alone.
I have to believe we all will rise again one day to a world where LOVE reigns.

Blessings on this Holy Day whatever your religion is I am sure you can identify with His story.


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