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Blessings!  I am a ULC Minister honoring all paths. I am also a Melchizedek Priest and a Reiki Practitioner, Master Level/Shaman. I work with the 4 Archangels. The miracles I have witnessed in my healing practice I am now writing in my book.

I have now performed 4 weddings. I love all spiritual teachings, if those teachings unite and do not separate. I prefer to say I am spiritual, not religious. I love this quote "Loving Kindness Is My Religion" from the Dhalia Lama. A true Master in our day.

Yeshua was the Master in his day...and Moses before him. We often lift up the messenger and forget the message.

Love your God with your whole heart and whole soul, and Love Thy Neighbor as Ye Love Thyself.

I took many years working on myself...and I was Blessed with wonderful teachers who appeared to guide me along the way. Now I get to "pay it forward".

I love the Bible but it's not the Only book inspired. Books are everything I am. Authors...which are wonderful enlightened beings that took the time to share their journey so we can know we are not alone.

I am shown past-lives in my work so I know reincarnation is real...and I believe it was removed from the Bible along with many other things.

I love Father God and Mother God. My adopted Dad being a Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill and knows the Torah backwards and forwards said Elohim is not gender specific. We have created a world that honors the male and disregards the female. When that changes..humanity will balance out and therefore heal itself. We really do affect the rest of the planets and greater good..so we need to respect our home here.


Sophia is Magdalene

Known as the Mother of All or simply as Wisdom, Sophia was born of Silence according to Gnostic creation myths. She gave birth to both Male and Female who together created all the elements of our material world.

Female then gave birth to Jehovah in all his emanations. But she also gave birth to Ildabaoth who was known as the Son of Darkness. When humans were created, Sophia loved them all dearly.

Unfortunately, her affection for humans sparked jealousy in both Ildabaoth and Jehovah. Hoping to keep humans weak and powerless, the brothers forbade humans to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Female then sent her spirit in the form of the serpent to teach the humans to disobey the envious gods.

Sophia so desperately loved humans that she decided she would live among them. To her dismay they mostly ignored her. She tried speaking to them. When they turned a deaf ear, she screamed from the tops of the highest walls. Still she was not heard.

In her anguish at being so neglected, she left humans with one last thought: You have denied and ignored me, so will I do when calamity strikes and you call for my help. Only those who earnestly search for me and love me will merit my love and assistance.

There are those who believe that Sophia, so desperate in her desire to relate, later returned to humans in another attempt to bond with them. Sophia is often symbolized by the Dove of Aphrodite, which later became the dove representing the Holy Spirit.

The dove appeared to the Virgin Mary in the form of the Virgin of Light, entered her and conceived Jesus. In this sense, Sophia attempted again, in to form of a man, to be united with the mortals she so loved.

Sophia’s traits include: righteous, wise, loving, communicative, knowledgeable, creative, protective, giving, and truthful.

A Sophia woman sees it and tells it as it is; she has no fear of the truth.

She brings meaning to human experience with her gift of understanding “the bigger picture”. Only when you stand back, gaining some emotional distance, can you see that even the most traumatic experiences can be the birthplace of your most treasured strengths. It is only in times of great stress that heroic feats are truly appreciated.

Sophia was also the mother of Faith, Hope, and Charity. They are Sofia’s gifts to us, gifts that can overcome the despair, confusion, and suffering that frame human life. Sophia reminds you that clear vision and understanding line the path that leads to the discovery of the meaning of your life.

The evolving cosmology of preChristian Gnosticism taught that from All That Is (having neither gender nor being), emanated pairs of Aeons, or paired lesser beings which are divine powers or natures emanating from Source to play various roles in the operation of the universe. Together these Aeons made up the Pleroma, or "fullness of Consciousness." The lowest and the last of these pairs in the hierarchy was Sophia, which is Greek for "Wisdom," and Christ, which is Greek for "Savior."

Those who wrote the first gospels, both canonical and Gnostic, gave the name Yeshu (Jesus in Greek) to the Christ Aeon and the name Mary Magdalene, or Mariamne Magdal-eder, to the Sophia Aeon.

Sophia was the original female principal, the Goddess. She came first and she came alone. And so soon as She discovered Herself to be separated from Source, Sophia grew fearful and full of anguish. She felt she'd been exiled. She was certain She was lost in this lower, lesser, place...a "copy" of Pleroma. Plato thought this copy benign, but the Gnostics thought it hellish. Wandering through the world of matter created by her own dreadful fear and confusion, Sophia was subject to all the pain and horror the world of matter can and does supply...and all those she met treated her shamefully—most especially males. She became in both meanings of the term, a "fallen woman."

Sophia was exiled for years beyond counting and during those years she endured tribulation after tribulation, always longing to return to All That Is. Eventually, She grew so sorrowful that All That Is took pity on Her and sent out her "other half," her Platonic Double, Her paired Aeon, so that she might once again "see the light." As her paired Aeon and savior, Christ rescued her from the physical world. He gathered Her up into Gnosis (meaning knowledge of the divine) so that she might "remember herself" and return to her home in the "Pleroma."

Sophia's story is a tale of our mortal selves seemingly doomed to wander alone and lost through the world of matter. We don't know where we're going. We don't know why we're here. We don't even know who we really are. We are frightened. We feel abandoned. We push ourselves even further into matter to escape the terrible feeling that we have lost our Home. We do whatever we can to distract ourselves from this fundamental uncertainty.

But Sophia, who is Mary Magdalene, is the Goddess who not only created matter, she lived in it to show us we are not alone in our suffering. And Christ, Her partner and equal, is Gnosis, who comes if we call. He comes so that we know we are much more than we think we are, that we are, in fact, eternal and loved and filled with Spirit, and that we can all go Home again.

It's a beautiful story, a profound story—and it is completely misunderstood by those who "borrowed" it from the Gnostic teaching.

All Pagan godmen have a female Consort who resurrects Him from the grave. Osiris by Isis. Attis by Cybele. Tammuz by Ishtar. Christ by Mary Magdalene. There is always a female divinity mourning a slain god and seeking his body for anointing…and this part of the story is as old as human time. It's very much a part of the myth of the Goddess and speaks of the true worth of the feminine and her part in the dance of reality.


by Robert Stang

Verily, I say unto you,

The love of Mary Magdalene is sweeter than honey,

Stronger than all the prophets.


After that supper with soul friends,

My torn heart knew the morrow would be grim,

So I went to see her.

She held me,

Rocked me before I went to pray,

Walked my soul to still waters.

She helped me reach the garden,

Face my Father without fearing fate.


I told her what would happen,

Not to twitch, allow her heart to carry her.

Know that I'd say No to death's ice grip, return whole.

Tear free, she nodded, smiled, ran fingers thru my hair.


I remember the tiny hum of her kiss on my forehead

As I hover over my body, lying flat, linen wrapped, cold,

face up, Entombed, alone.

Except for Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel,

Each attuned, head down and quiet in his corner.

All four allow me to be alone, to hover in stillness, look

down at my body,

Savor that stone still silence disembodied respite.


Faint vibrations pulsed her footfalls singing stones in a brook.

Closer she came.

Archangels understood why.

Together they moved the rock seal Joseph of Arimathea provided.


Into the tomb she stepped, stood at my feet.

Whispered "Rabonni."

Raised her hands, palms facing my shroud.

Golden Light flowed from her fingertips, surrounded my body.

Her eyes closed, she spoke to my Spirit.

"It is meet that your return whole."


When that golden light had seeped into my every cell, she

lowered her arms,

Unwrapped, folded the shroud, reached down for the alabaster jar

Filled it with Oil of Myrrh, raised it over her head,

Lowered the jar, poured oil into her palms, rubbed hands together.

Held them, palms up, radiating golden rays

Reaching my Spirit still hovering above my naked body.


She touched my toes.  I did not feel her touch.

Only saw her place one hand above my wounded foot,

the other beneath.

I saw wounded flesh transform between her hands,

 leaving only slight scars.

Then the other foot.

She rubbed each toe gently, sacramentally,

Like a sculptor, her oiled fingertips touched my skin.

Filled every pore with shimmering light.


She touched my ankles next, then calves, slowly, sweetly singing

"Rabboni, come home."

I saw but did not feel.  I missed her touch.

When her hand touched my thighs, I knew I needed to feel her fingers

Through I was not yet ready to come back.


So I slipped my Spirit into body.  Did not awaken lungs or heart,

Only felt her fingers and the tingle of golden rays.

When she reached my waist, she slipped one hand under,

The other atop my spear wound.

I felt that healing energy penetrate, sing to my cells.

She healed the wounds of my hands.


When her fingers touched my heart, it wanted to beat.

But still I was not ready.

she knew that. She was so calm. Her hands a blessing of peace.

The Archangels sensed her Spirit breath,

Her hands on my jaw, fingers caressing my ears,

My heart and lungs still sleeping like bulbs in early Spring soil.


When she touched that spot on my forehead above and

 between my brow's

Spirit Gate of the sages, in timeless flash there was a quickening.

It was time to be whole again.


I felt my heart's first tick, drew a breath,

Opened my eyes, looked into hers,

Saw that smile, let loose a tear.

She took my hands, kissed them.

Stood silently watching over me like the Archangels.

Then said, "Welcome, Rabonni."


She covered me with her warmth-giving mantle.

When she sensed my strength had returned,

Still holding my hands,

She kissed that spot on my forehead,

Spoke, "Rabboni, I go now to tell your Mother."


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