In Order To Receive, We Must Ask

Please just Ask! It is so powerful to know there are people on here that truly are my family and seem to just "KNOW" my intentions....

We humans run around frantically trying to "fix it" all on our own. This definitely accounts for the high rates of disease, broken relationships and the dire state our Beautiful Mother Earth is in.

We are not completely evolved beings yet, or we would not be on this planet. We are here to learn and grow, but we were placed here with "teachers". "When the student is ready the MASTER appears" as the powerful saying goes.

Another powerful scripture reminds us "KNOCK and it will be open unto you, SEEK and ye shall find, ASK and it will be given unto you". We keep forgetting to ASK!

The Archangels were created to guard and guide Humanity. They love us!!! The Creator placed them around us to give us messages to lead us to where our Soul needs to be.

FREE WILL is the most Sovereign of the Laws the Universe was and it was created for humanity. Therefore to receive help we must give permission to the powerful Angels to be able to do their jobs. The way we do this is by simply ASKING.

Please stop thinking you are alone, feeling frustrated and remember there are those of here on Earth and in the Ethers that truly want to help. Please just ASK :)